Sitges Film Festival

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Dolph Lundgren attends a photocall for the ‘Bacardi Sitges’ Awards 2016 held at the Casa Bacardi during the ’49th Sitges Film Festival 2016′ on October 13, 2016 in Sitges, Spain.

Dolph Lundgren interview: The Expendables, Expendables 2, Dark Angel and 80s

Oct 21 16 // Wol4ica // interwiev

Duncan Bowles
14th Dec. 2010

As The Expendables appears on DVD and Blu-ray, Duncan got to meet with the legendary Dolph Lundgren to discuss his back catalogue of classic action movies…

For those of us growing up in the 80s, Dolph Lundgren needs no introduction. However, since the interview took place, I’ve talked to several people, mostly in their late teens/early twenties, who haven’t heard of him and I’ve become increasingly aware of the generation gap. It was a subject which came up in the interview itself, so in the interest of inclusion, following the interview portion, there’s a very quick rundown of the films that encouraged such loyal geek fandom starting some twenty-five years ago.

Dolph Lundgren Photoshop Battle

Aug 26 16 // Wol4ica // news


Recently there was a Photoshop Battle on in which contributors to the site used Photoshop to enhance a green background photo of Dolph Lundgren with Margaux and Isabella Isaksen. In the gallery below were some of the best images.

The results can be seen here.

Dolph Lundgren | On healing and forgiveness | TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica

Jun 20 16 // Wol4ica // gallery

Did saw this video already last year but forgot to upload it here.
Dolph talks about 14 mins about his childhood, family, people who helped him thro hard phase. And one of the reasons he ended up with a failure marridge etc. Take the time and watch it.

Win a Trip to be an Action Movie Star

May 27 16 // Wol4ica // news

“WANNA BE AN ACTION STAR?!? Come train with me and I’ll put you in a stunt in my next movie!”


Is Schwarzenegger A Fan Of Dolph Lundgren’s ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’?

May 13 16 // Wol4ica // interwiev

May 17th will be the day when “Kindergarten Cop 2” launches on DVD and demand. As many of us remembers, first kindergarten cop was A.Schwarzenegger him self. So what does he thinks about second movie?

On Access Hollywood Live #1 – Rocky IV 30 years later

May 13 16 // Wol4ica // video interview


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Change of design! Finally!
Somethign between chocolade and mint. Guess I do like that here’s minimum graphic and lighter this way. And more warmer then previus cause it’s SPRING! And who cares that it’s only +2 degree on FG and raining outside.

Do anyone still make wp designs for fan-sites? As I look around most of the designers have closed their websites. To bad.. Some times just don’t have time to update it your self.

So Dolph didn’t play in “Hail, Cesar”. To bad I didn’t know that sooner wouldn’t watch this boring movie… all to the end. Trailer was more fun than the movie it self.

9 years already!

Mar 25 16 // Wol4ica // news

Hard to believe, that next year it’s already 10 years since this project has been on. First was called Sandra vs Dolph. Back then that project was devoted to two my favorite actors. Then Sandra was left a side (still like her) and Dolph got it all:) Back then when I started there was a lot of good fan-sites about actors from 90-s. For now there not so many anymore. But we still have a lot of fan-site about modern actors.

So… Happy Birthday to us!!!

London has Fallen premier

Mar 7 16 // Wol4ica // gallery

Now you can fallow us on Instagram


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