Happy Birthday Dolph Lundgren!

Nov 3 18 // Wol4ica // news

Today 03.11 Dolph Lundgren celebreates his 61st birthday. We wish him all the best in his life!!!

Commercial with Dolph

Oct 27 18 // Wol4ica // commercial

And a sponsor of a good mood is:

and ofcource…Teddy! :)))


Oct 23 18 // Wol4ica // gallery

Think it’s the 4th time I see him on the cover:) (correct me if I’m wrong) Pretty good!


More magazines with Dolph on the cover.

AQUAMAN trailer with Dolph

Oct 21 18 // Wol4ica // trailers

Think it’s first from all I’ve seen where we can meet Dolph.

A first screen from AQUAMAN with Dolph + Magazine cover

Oct 21 18 // Wol4ica // gallery

Aquaman 2018

On the set

Dec 16 17 // Wol4ica // commercial

“It’s a punch up??? on the set of a commercial I’m shooting today with my two bosses, Sly and Jenny.” DL


Dec 11 17 // Wol4ica // fan-zone, trailers

Since it become very popular now to publish books in the internet, many fans of those books have made a booktrailers. One of those is here

Can you guess, whitch of the Dolph Movies have been used here?:)

Dolph training for the CREED seequal

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Jul 20 17 // Wol4ica // news

Yep, we need to rest a bit, so sorry about lack of news but we’re restoring the lost info after hosting provider problems that was caused.

Here’s a newsflash for you:

according to kp.ru (sort of Russian imdb.com), Dolph is considering to be invited in another Russian movie. So will see, will it be done or not:)

Dolph in the Ivan Urgant Night Show

May 9 17 // Wol4ica // interwiev

It’s a Russian TV-Show and as you all know Dolph has been to Russia (wish he just once would come to Estonia:)) many times and has taken a paret in Russians TV-Shows. Well this is another one.
In the interview Dolph has been asked a bit about his aughters, do they like his movies. Also about that Ida want’s to become a model and actrice to. He tells a bit about his carier start and has been asked to say some russians sentence so he won’t seem so threatful:)